Liga-Camp is a unique, innovative, American-style sports camp that provides a quality and fun sports experience for the camper in a religious atmosphere.

Our goal in Liga Camp is that each kid will have an enjoyable and unforgettable summer experience while improving sports and art skills in a positive atmosphere.

Liga Camp has great programs for ALL AGES! from Kindergarten to 9th graders.

there are 6 unique programs in Liga Camp:

  • Basketball Camp (All ages all summer)
  • Soccer Camp (All ages all summer)
  • Arts camp (All ages all summer)
  • Dance camp (girls All ages all summer)
  • Super League (7th-9th graders 1st session)
  • Liga Kid- kindergarten age all summer!

Activities Calendar


First session: July 14th-21st (7th-9th grade) 1550 nis

Second session: July 22nd- August 8th. (Pre K to 7th grade)

DateShort day till 1:15Long day till 3:45
June 7th and on1990 nis2490 nis

2 weeks short stay till 1:15 pm: 1750 ₪ Long day till 3:45 pm: 1990 ₪

1 week with afternoon program till 3:45pm/ short day: 1100₪.

1 day till 3:45pm/ short day 230₪.

Super league/ CIT program July 14th-21st 1550 nis.

Sibling discount: 50 ₪ off 2nd, 3rd child. (Discount applies to full session registration)
Small group discount (at least 5 kids, must be in touch with the office-) 50 ₪ off.
Big group discount (at least 10 kids, must be in touch with the office-) 100 ₪ off.
*No double discounts.
Foreign credit cards will be charged an extra fee for processing.


Baka community center, 2 indoor gyms, a dance studio, outdoor courts, grass feild, indoor classrooms and more

A ‘Short day’ is an enjoyable, fun filled day in camp with activities such as: Different types of sports, water slides, arts and crafts and many special activities . The day begins at 8am and ends at 13:15 pm. Liga Camp provides a breakfast roll and spreads.
The kids have a fun filled day in camp from 8am to 1:15 pm, with activities such as: Swimming, different types of sports, amusement parks or water slides. A hot lunch is included every day. The Specialty afternoon program is from 1:15 pm-3:45 pm. The children play ping pong,  jump on jumpy castles, watch a movie or do arts and crafts. In addition the children get an instructional “chug”  such as: Basketball, Soccer, Baking, Arts and Crafts and more. These classes are set in a group setting with professional teachers and coaches for the most effective experience.

A significant part of the cam will involve the individual training in the various sports. Each child will receive personal and professional attention, with a serious attempt to upgrade each camper’s skill set and maximize his or her potential.

. Liga camp for grades 7-9 offers a variety of activities specially tailored to this age group.
Camp hours: 9 AM – 1:15 PM (more flexibility can be offered to campers with younger siblings).
Every week there is a one-night activity at the camp with exciting activities.
Professional coaches will instruct higher-level players.
Our campers will go bowling, visit the Luna Park and have a great time at many other special activities and surprises.

The CIT program- 8th-9th graders that join the program will be offered a job after they finish our training program. it’s fun and fruitful!

The Aruchat Eser (breakfast) includes a roll and fruit. we provide water in coolers all day.

The lunch includes a full meal of a hot meat dish, a starch and salad or cooked vegetable. Pizza will be served every Thursday, fruits or popsicle.

All the campers are insured by law.
Two security guards will be around the campus at all times (8am-4pm).

Yes. Everything is strictly Kosher, All food products are mehadrin.

Yes. Boys and girls will be separated for most camp activities, including swimming.

The setup of Liga Camp is a little different this year, obviously, we are keeping the rules of the ministry of health. The groups will be smaller, keeping the kids exposure to other children to a minimum in a fun camp setting. the children will wash their hands with soap a few times a day. surfaces will be cleaned. Yes, it is safe. we are taking many precautions to keep our kids and staff safe. All of our staff has been vaccinated.



Liga-Camp is an American-style sport training camp.

A unique, innovative camp that provides a quality and fun sports experience for the camper in a religious atmosphere.


Veteran counselors with many years of U.S and Israel camp experience.
Internationally trained professional staff.


Fun sports program for observant children age 3- grade 6.
Outstanding teen program for grades 7-9.


Liga-Camp is dedicated to providing your child with an unforgettable and exciting sports (and arts) experience. Each camper receives individualized instruction as well as group activities.


The NEW Pelech SPORTS COMPLEX in the BAKA community center, Jerusalem. the complex includes:
2 Fully air conditioned gym, outdoor courts, newly renovated grass fields, martial arts and fencing rooms, arts and cooking rooms and general activities room.
The site is protected by professional security company for the campers safety.


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